Our Supporters

Please give a round of applause for our supporters!


PJ and Jenn Bihuniak
Annette Cassidy
Jason and Cathy Godfrey
Mark and Catherine Hinman
Richard and Loretta Larraga
Evelyn Thorpe


Eunice Baptista
Edward and Carol DeLemos
Carla Eigen
Dr. Bruce W. Glenny
Jerry and Karen McCue
Sean and KC Neufeld
Kevin and Dee Phair
Elaine and Marjorie Stewart-Hart


Jim and Kay Baxter
Sean Bilodeau
Scott and Brenda Ferris
Todd Gernes
Annie Hale
Eric Harting and Donna Keesling
Jay and Sandy Metcalf
Evelyn Perry
Andy Sykes

First Congregational Church of Holliston

We are grateful to First Congregational Church of Holliston and Rev. Bonnie Steinroeder
for hosting our rehearsals and concerts.

Exsultet is grateful to the following sponsors for their generous support. While ticket sales can only cover a fraction of our costs, the benefits we receive from these loyal benefactors helps us in inestimable ways.  Please make it a point to patronize them as they support the arts in our local area.