Concert Etiquette


Late Seating
If you arrive late, please take a seat towards the back. 

During the Performance
Once a concert is underway, we request that you do not talk, whisper, sing, hum, move personal belongings. These protocols will ensure that you, other patrons, and the performers enjoy the full benefits of the performance. Patrons should also refrain from entering and exiting the room while a performance is in progress. Ushers are stationed at entrances and exits. If you must leave your seat, please proceed quickly and quietly to the nearest door, or ask the nearest usher for assistance.

Electronic Devices
Noise-alarm devices such as cellular phones, beepers, watches, electronic organizers should be in silent mode (not vibrate).

Please applaud only at the close of a full piece of music. The program page, which lists individual movements of longer compositions, and the program notes can help you follow the chorus’ progress through each piece and determine the appropriate moments to applaud. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Younger audience members

Given the length and style of our performances, they are just not designed with very young children in mind.  Children six years and older may attend the shows. We are happy to have children 6+ in our audience and excited that they have the chance to enjoy the concert experience.  With that in mind:

  • Please review all of the rules above with your child.  Concert etiquette is part of the experience and it is important for all patrons to follow these rules – regardless of age.
  • Children under the age of 13 must always be within arm’s reach of an adult.  This applies during the concert, in the hallways and at the reception.
  • If an usher feels that your child is a distraction to the other patrons or the performers, you and your child may be asked to step out of the room.

We want to be sure that all of our patrons are able to enjoy the show and every audience member – young and old – plays a role in that experience.  We thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines.